Royalbaby Freestyle Kids Bike 12 14 16 18 20 Inch Bicycle for Boys Girls Ages 3-12 Years, Multiple Color Options

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  • 🏆Sporty Design - RoyalBaby Freestyle kid's bike was designed by inspiration from the BMX spirit, It's all about fun, creativity, freedom, and friends. The sporty-looking is perfect for the next cycling star!
  • 🏆Specifically For Kids - Each bike equipped with RoyalBaby patent sealed bearing for smooth pedaling. Training wheels come with 12/14/16 inch bikes, making it easy to maintain balance and learn to pedal even for young beginners. The water bottle and holder adds more joy to the ride. Fully adjustable seat and handlebar will give extra space when kids grow taller
  • 🏆Safety - Shortest travel distance grips provides extra braking efficiency, sturdy steel frame and 2.4" wide cylinder tires will accompany every adventure of your little one and bring them home safe and sound
  • 🏆Easy Assembly - The bike comes 95% pre-assembled, with an elaborated instruction manual and all tools needed in the box. It is easy enough to put together in 15 minutes
  • 🏆Always Reliable - RoyalBaby bike complies with the CPSC standards, and is trusted by millions of families in more than 80 countries globally. Customers will be provided with high-level warranty and local 24 hours service when contacting RoyalBaby for any queries

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Bike TypeKids Bike
Age Range (Description)3 - 5 years
Number of Speeds1
Wheel Size14 Inches
Frame MaterialSteel
Suspension TypeRigid
Special Feature
  1. Handbrake and coaster brake

  2. Sporty design

  3. RoyalBaby exclusive premium parts

  4. 95% Pre-assembled
Included Components
  1. Training Wheels

  2. Water Bottle

  3. Assembly Tools

  4. Bicycle

  5. Bell
Brake Style
  1. Caliper

  2. Coaster
Specific Uses For ProductRoad
Item Weight22 Pounds
Style14 Inch With Training Wheels
Model NameRoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle BMX Bicycle with Training Wheels Kickstand Gifts for Children Bikes
Model Year2016
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H39 x 22.5 x 7 inches
Package Weight11.61 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH38 x 20 x 26 inches
Brand NameRoyalbaby
Warranty Description
  1. Free replacement for easy-wearing parts within 6 months

  2. Lifetime warranty for frame and fork
Suggested UsersUnisex-child
Number of Items1
ManufacturerRoyalBaby Cycle
Part NumberRB14B-6B
Date First AvailableFebruary 11, 2015
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on December 07, 2015
With our daughter about to turn seven, we realized that it was time to officially retire her 12" You&Me pink bike and upgrade. After literally hours of searching reviews online, we had narrowed it down to this model and a Diamondback 16" bike. We chose the RoyalBaby 16" model in orange. I sat down and read every single review of this bike, and I would like to address what seemed to be the most popular complaints: * "Too heavy!" - Not sure what these parents are comparing this bike to. I kept checking the shipping weight to see if I missed something and the "2" in the "28 lbs" was actually a 3 or a 4...but nope, I was right. Then, thinking about the mess of returning this large object, I ran out to the shed to see how heavy her 12" bike was. I picked it up...then I picked up my 20lbs bar bell...then I picked it up again. I estimated her bike to be maybe 3-5 lbs heavier than my weight. When the RoyalBaby bike arrived a day early (gotta love Prime!) I assembled it and picked it up. Boy, was I relieved when I easily hoisted it up with one arm. This bike maybe weighs around 25lbs, which is perfect for our 7 year old girl. She's already fallen and can easily hoist the bike back up on her own. To all those complainers, go spend another $100 and buy an aluminum frame bike for your kids. * "Wheels don't spin freely" - This was also a big concern of mine, as I am a stickler about quality control at the factory level. During assembly, I flipped the bike over and checked out both wheels. They did feel a bit "sticky" at first, and didn't roll to a stop. First off, fellow parents, please make sure you read all the directions before you begin, if you're not mechanically inclined. One thing I noticed was that the front caliper brakes needed to be adjusted, as they were rubbing slightly against the tire, creating that "imbalanced" sound when spinning the wheel quickly. I scanned the directions, and it had some instructions about how to adjust the front brakes. A few minutes later, no rubbing. The rear wheel also felt a bit sticky and had a bit of a rubbing sound also...but then I realized that you must turn it (when upside down) with the pedals fully forward and engaged. If the coaster brake is engaged in the slightest, you can hear it rubbing as the wheel turns, so take note. With an adjusted brake, the front wheel spun much easier, and almost rolled to a stop...there was some resistance still, but I figured with weight on the wheels right-side-up, resistance would be negligible. As the directions suggest, make sure you lube all moving parts periodically. I grabbed some 3 in 1 oil and some auto grease and lubed everything up. It felt like the wheels were just "out of the box" stiff, and began to loosen up a bit on their own. Which leads me to the next con to address... * "Wheels out of true" - This one was concerning because it was mentioned by a few reviewers who claimed to have experience in bike assembly, maintenance, and repair. I didn't really know what they meant by "true", so I did some Google research and realized they meant balanced, with a straight rim. Here is where I almost docked a star. Both wheels were out of true and that was part of the reason they didn't spin as freely as I had expected initially. As I spun the wheels, you could see both of them needed adjustment, as they bowed left and right with several "bubbles" causing the rim to wobble considerably as it spun. However, after reading about "truing" a bicycle wheel, I found that it was pretty straightforward: You just adjust the spoke studs at their base, right above the rim, with a spoke wrench. This bike's spokes are a size 13 according to my $9 spoke wrench I purchased on Amazon. Once I figured out tightening the spokes was counterclockwise, in about 10 minutes I had both wheels very close to true and they spun much easier! My daughter even mentioned that the bike seemed to ride much smoother after my adjustments. Since I was able to correct the issue, and I'm pretty sure that places like Wally World and Target don't "true" their bikes prior to purchase, I decided not to dock a star. * "Royal Baby All Over The Bike = Not Cool!" - I totally get this one for the kids who want to be big boys and girls. However, after easily peeling off a few decals, and throwing out the ridiculous stickers that come with it, this bike only says "RoyalBaby" in two places...the seat and the center of the handlebars. Even the company logo on the front of the frame has a predominant crown where you can't even see the small print "RoyalBaby" unless you stick your face right up to the forks. The company name on the tire tread is black on black so unless you're looking closely at the tires, you can't tell. This bike has definitely passed the cool test with our 7 year old daughter! * "Missing Parts" - Bike came with all the parts. * "Pedals won't screw on/break easily" - This one may change after a few months of use, so I'll keep an eye on it and update, if necessary. However, I had no issues with the pedals, they screwed onto the crank arms just fine (take note that the left hand pedal must be tightened counter-clockwise). * "Water bottle is cheap" - Have to agree with this one, unfortunately, as it already is cracked and leaking. However we have several bicycle water bottles in our home and they all fit snugly in the holder, which is made of metal and bolts to the frame. Not enough of an issue to warrant docking a star, in my opinion. * "Chain falls off" - Chain was nice and tight and has not come off, yet. Besides, the rear axle sits in a groove which allows you to slide it backwards or forward to adjust the tension in the chain, which apparently, some of these reviewers failed to realize. * "Tires won't hold air" - I inflated tires to 35 psi 4 days ago and they are still full. I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing this bike, but so far, it seems to be a home run. We can't keep her off of it, she even just likes to sit on it when she can't ride! The frame seems to be solid, well made, and has quality frame welds. The color scheme of the orange and black with the white seat really looks sharp! Heck, I would rock this bike, if I fit! After truing the wheels,it was definitely a relief to see her get up to speed and coast almost the entire length of the sidewalk. She also loves the big, thick black tires. I also really like that it comes with a kickstand and a quick-adjust seat, which makes sizing it for her a breeze! In conclusion, we are very happy with this bicycle. With a little time taken to read the instructions and make some basic adjustments, this bike seems more than capable of providing our kids with years of good riding. UPDATE 12-18-2015: After reading my review, the company sent me a replacement water bottle, free of charge. Very nice customer service, in my opinion. Bike has performed flawlessly so far...
Reviewed on July 20, 2023
I just got the bike so I will update in a few months if need be but initial response is, this is a great quality solid bike. Assembly was super easy and straight forward, all tools included. Took me a half hour to build. The training wheels are at a good level to the ground, not too much wobble like a lot of other bikes with training wheels. Child gets the feel of learning to balance without that overwhelming fear of falling over. Hand brake works great, tires are beefy and durable, and the overall quality of bike itself is just awesome. More then I was expecting. My child is 42.5” and we initially went with the 12” bike but returned it for the 14” and this one is perfect. He has very little experience on a bike especially one with training wheels and pedals and he seems super comfortable with plenty of room to grow.
Reviewed on July 20, 2023
My son is two and a half and can climb onto this bike. I was a little worried it would be too tall but its just right. Very sturdy! training wheels don't have a lot of "wobble" room like some kids bikes which we prefer so he can get on and off by himself without help. I have no doubt this bike will grow with him for years! great purchase
Reviewed on July 18, 2023
It was easy for me to put together at first I was freaked out, but it was very simple. And my grandson loves it, but mine did not come with the water bottle holder. That was annoying, but not enough for me to take off more than one star and I didn’t care enough to say anything.
Reviewed on July 13, 2023
We ordered this for my 3 year old and it is perfect for his first big boy bike. Very easy to put together for the price made very well. Comes with reflectors and water bottle over all great starter bike!
Reviewed on July 16, 2023
So many bike assembly requires tools along with way too much time to assemble. However, this bike is pretty much ready right out of the box and includes the tools. Super quality, shipping, and product!
Reviewed on July 05, 2023
Very nice bike, easy to assemble as almost everything was already assembled beforehand. Put the bike saddle in. Set the handlebar. Fit the pedals and tighten the screws. That’s it. We love it. Sturdy and pretty. Not heavy (we have other brands kids bike that are more expensive and much heavier). We recommend buying it.
Reviewed on July 30, 2023
Good and strong bike for the kiddos.