Qualward Vertical Bike Stand Floor Bicycle Rack Adjustable Upright Design, Space Saving for Living Room, Bedroom and Garage

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  • Indoor Bike Rack Vertical: The Vertical cycling floor stand is designed to store a bike in your living room, bedroom or garage, suitable for most bikes with the tires less than 2.4" in width. PDF instructions included.
  • Upgrade Adjustable Track: Track(15‘’-21‘’) base that adjusts the rack to fit most tires and also makes the bike more stable.
  • Adjustable Height & Width: The height of the bike stand is 18.3”-28.4”. Adapts to different heights of mountain bikes, road bikes, racers, children' s bicycles, beach bikes.
  • Floor Space Saving: Free up more valuable space and save floor space, great solution for limited indoor space, can be stored in corridors, balconies, warehouses, tool rooms or other places.
  • Easy Assembly: Don't need drilling, no damaging walls or ceilings. Durable steel with powder coated finish, no scratching bicycles. Screws and anchors included, store your bicycle quickly and easily.

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Reviewed on June 14, 2023
It took me about 2 months to actually assemble this bc I thought it would be a headache BUT it was surprisingly very easy! Took all of 5 minutes. Just follow along with the numbers bc there are no words lol Once it was assembled it took about 3 or 4 tries of adjusting the heights but once I did, my bike sat on it perfectly. TIP: lower the height until the bike sits “back” against the vertical bar. Also, bring the horizontal bars width inward to adjust the wobbles. Otherwise, it saves me a bunch of space in my tiny living room during the summer months :)
Reviewed on July 11, 2023
Very decent bike stand to save space and avoid damaging walls. It's not the sturdiest stand on the market--there can be some slight bend in the extending arm connection--but it's certainly sturdy enough for the price point.
Reviewed on November 04, 2022
This is built with flimsy, thin metal. And I’ve already dropped my bike once as the whole assembly tilted over because I slightly bumped into the bike. The other negative is that you are expected to attach the seat post to the hook upon which it rests. But nothing Practical is provided with the kit. So I had to buy separately a foam tie at as you can see on the picture to securely attach the seat post to the stand. Overall OK but don’t expect this to withstand bumps or the occasional kid pushing or pulling on it. If you are going to put the stand in a traffic area like a garage or hallway, make sure you attach the handlebar to the wall with some tie or rope to prevent people from dropping your bike if they bump into this whole thing. This inherent flaw comes from the T design of the base. An H design would be more stable.
Reviewed on June 19, 2023
It works but should really be a last resort option. The materials are cheap. The included straps are the wrong type — they should have included those with plastic buckles to make it easy to tension. The ones they included are literally the cheapest that they could find. If this was 25 bucks (literally a couple standard metal pipes and a bolt), I wouldn’t complain but for 50 bucks I feel ripped off.
Reviewed on March 28, 2023
I bought an expensive new bike and wanted to keep it in my apartment so it or components wouldn't be stolen. I live in a nice building in a great neighborhood but people still steal stuff given the opportunity. I looked at several other stands and read the reviews. I thought this would be just fine for my 20 lbs. gravel bike. Plenty sturdy, easy to assemble, easy to use. The hook and loop strips that came with it worked just fine to hold my front wheel in place and I put the other one around the stands post and my bike to secure it more in case someone walks into it. Could I have spent more and gotten a sturdier stand? Sure. Did I need to? Nope. The only other thing I can say about it is that my mountain bike which is a tank may not fit on this stand. But I don't know because I didn't try it. This is a great stand for the money.
Reviewed on August 24, 2022
Pros: - does the job. - easy and quick to assemble, easy to make adjustments where required. Cons: - point 1 of the photo, the strap provided, 30cm, is too short and unusable. Had to look for a strap which should be double the length and a bit thicker in width. - point 2 of the photo, the back light had to be removed. - a week later, the red plastic part holding the fork of the bike is already damaged, due to the weight pressure. Resolved by wrapping it with a tennis grip. - can be more sturdy (road bike 9kgs in weight), it doesn’t snuggle the back wheel (28mm) as I like it to be. Overall: I am satisfied with the product, good value for the money. It should be better once there is a longer and thicker strap for the front wheel. Using a door stop on front wheel prevents the wheel from touching the wall. The red plastic part holding the bike's fork can be a more lasting quality.
Reviewed on March 04, 2022
No mention of this having an A or B kit on the included or online sheet. A 7/32nd allen wrench was included with 1/2in (13mm) hex head bolts? Why? A 7/32nd allen wrench which was also the wrong size was included with allen head screws. The allen wrench should have been a 3/16th inch size. Good thing I know how to solve problems and have my own tools. Other than this confusion for someone who knew what to do. This assembly went quick and after it was assembled was able to place a bicycle on it's frame. The design difference between A & B must be the design of the adjustable upright. As my upright unit had a ridged metal brace of the same material as it's upright. Instead of a rod style shown in documents to support seat post. Besides the parts issue being a possible problem for some purchasers. This product does seem to be a good solution for creating storage space only with certain bicycles that are light in weigh. For bicycle that are setup for shopping which might have other accessories to make it to heavy, a different style of stand should be used. As I use this stand inside an apartment to store my backup bicycle. I found it cumbersome to use for accessing my backup bicycle. But if you have the space the stand works fine for the basic bicycle with NO REAR RACK.
Reviewed on March 17, 2023
Great product but not as sturdy as I would like. Good value for the money.