ROCKBROS Bike/Bicycle Phone Front Frame Bag, Waterproof, Tube Bag ,Cycling Pouch Compatible Phone Under 6.5”

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  • LARGE SPACE: Bike bag has enough inside room for long rides, holds a lot of stuff like iphone X, battery, energy gel, small tire pump, repair kits, keys, wallet etc. Perfect compatible with cellphones below 6.5 inches, iPhone XR XS MAX X 8 7 6s 6 plus 5s / Samsung Galaxy s8 s7 note 7, shake-proof bike front frame bag
  • HIGH SENSITIVE TOUCH SCREEN: The bike phone bag has a high sensitive TPU film window which can helps you use cellphone easily while riding, great way to see your activity while using maps on a ride. (Note: Touch ID NOT worked through the screen cover)
  • HUMANIZATION DESIGN: The bike phone mount bag has many humanization designs. A, The hidden earphone hole allows you answer the phone or enjoy music freely while cycling. B, reflective tapes on both sides of bike bags to keep your night ride safety. C, dual soft rubber zipper pulls make it convenient to open & close
  • DURABLE & WATER RESISTANT: The bike top tube bag is made of ultralight and stylish carbon fiber material with sealed double zippers closure, which ensures the water doesn't flow into the bag.The sun visor and flashing board is great use for rainy or sunny day
  • EASY TO INSTALL & QUICK RELEASE: 3 straps are firm enough to hold up on the bike, 1 velcro commuter strap on the front + 1 longer commuter strap on the upper bottom( the long strap can fixed the bag on the head tube firmly) + 1 commuter strap on the lower bottom. The bicycle bag would not move around even if you ride on a bumpy or rocky road

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Reviewed on July 31, 2023
I've got to say, the ROCKBROS Bike Phone Front Frame Bag is a game-changer! After a year of my son taking it through its paces, it's passed with flying colors. It's become a reliable and tough piece of gear, which has our seal of approval. The bag is like a portable treasure chest for cyclists. It's roomy enough for a phone, keys, and wallet, without feeling cramped. The touch-screen pocket is a real win, making it easy for my son to use his phone on the go, which was a major game-changer on our rides. What's really cool about this bag is the design. It's got this stealthy earphone hole for music or calls, and safety features like reflective tapes that make it easier to spot in the dark. And the zipper pulls are a breeze to use, even with gloves on! Despite facing all the elements, it's stayed strong and dry, all thanks to the waterproof fabric and tight-sealing zippers. And talk about easy to install - the three straps make attaching and removing the bag a piece of cake, ensuring the bag stays put on any type of ride. But what impressed me the most is how ROCKBROS handled our issue when a zipper broke. They were quick to send us a replacement, no fuss, no hassle! To wrap it up, the ROCKBROS Bike Phone Front Frame Bag isn't just a good product, it's a great one. The blend of quality, versatility, and top-notch customer service has won us over. A year in, and we're more than happy to recommend it to any cyclists out there. Try it - you won't be disappointed!
Reviewed on May 04, 2021
This looked pretty decent on arrival, but I had wondered how this type of phone holder/cargo bag would work. It seemed made nice enough for the price. I liked that it had a hard-ish shell and retained it's shape well. Storage inside was good enough, larger than my previous cargo pouch. The touchscreen function worked fine, you could easily swipe and tap things with no issues, though the plastic was a bit wavy, it could have been more stiff. The first issue I ran into was when I put my phone inside. Being that you have to flip the lid up to stick your phone in, the phone flips the screen upside down at this point (My phone was fully on with my GPS apps on and ready to go). When you close it up, it's not pitched down enough to flip back around. The few times i opened this up, I had to pick the front of my bike up in the air and bounce it for the phone screen to flip back around. The bag itself could be a tad longer. I had a hard time squeezing my phone's charger cable in without it pressing not-so-gently against the bottom of the case when I zipped it up. This could lead to wear and tear on the phone, cable and the bag. My phone fit fine, it's one of the larger models out there, it's just clearance for the charger port on the bottom combined with my stiffer charging cable was the issue. Smaller phones will be perfectly fine. I have a new enough flagship model smartphone with a perfectly bright screen that works fine on my handlebar phone mount that I have been using the past year with no issues. I was just wanting to try one of these bag style phone mounts as I was wanting more cargo space, and to move my phone off my handlebars to keep it safer. Today was a sunny day, around 10am springtime sun, no clouds. I have a regular men's style mountain bike, with a regular straight across top tube. The little "hood" over the top of the screen area is completely useless. I don't know why they bother. If its there to shield any light, it only creates a tiny useless shadow at the very top of the screen. Now for the actual usage. I had it all ready to go. I was already straddling my bike ready to leave. I needed to open the pouch to get my garage door opener out, but the bottom of the pouch was too close to my crotch while straddling my bike, so I had to shift out of the way to get it open. After putting my garage door opener away, and fuddling around with zipping it back up, my phone screen was upside down again, so I had to dismount my bike, lift the bike up to make it flip back around. Ok... off to the bike ride. I immediately couldn't see anything on the screen. It's way too many inches lower and further behind than my handlebar phone mount. You really have to look straight down, taking your eyes off the road to see your screen. Not good. On top of this, the plastic covering the screen seems to have some kind of polarization or something in it, as it interferes with my polarized sunglasses, making it even harder to see unless your turn your head 90*. I I started riding, I quickly realized I forgot to put my music on too, but looking down at the screen, I couldn't see it. I could barely make out some of the shapes of what was on there from my GPS app, and I thought I could easily navigate to turn the music on, but I couldn't. It was as if the phone's screen was on it's lowest brightness while in this thing. (it wasn't it was on full brightness) I had to stop my ride, lean at an awkward angle to see the screen enough to get the tunes going and switch back to my GPS app. The entire time I was riding, I couldn't see the screen, so I just gave up looking. I did like the bag's size and shape, and it looks cool vs some of the other bag and pouch options for this area of the bike. But what good is it if one of it's primary functions doesn't work very well. I was almost back to my home, having done a 7 mile ride in about 25ish minutes. As I was pulling into my neighborhood, my music went silent. I figured I was getting a spam call or something, but the music never returned. As I pulled into my my driveway and pulled my phone out of the case, it was super hot, and there was the "overheating" warning on the screen. When running GPS and other apps with the screen at max brightness, most phones can get warm. Being in this enclosed case with no ventilation, in warm weather, with the sun beating down on it... it was enough to cause it to overheat. I regretfully pulled my stuff out of the bag, removed it from the bike and filled out an Amazon return and wrote this review. I wanted to like this thing so much, but it wasn't going to work for my needs. I'm somewhat hardcore with my bike riding,especially when I am riding offroad trails. I'm not a pro by any means, but I like my gadgets and technology. I need to see where I am to navigate constantly . Having it on my handlebars is the perfect spot to view it, but not so perfect for keeping it safe from hitting trees and other stuff while riding on narrow singletrack trails. I was really hoping this bag would be the answer for more safety to my phone from falls, dust and mud, but unfortunately it wasn't. I bought this also because I am starting to gather up gear so I can start to do long bike packing trips and will need to cover my bike in cargo bags for the stuff I will be carrying. I have a cheap little schwinn pouch I got at the big box store that goes in the exact same spot I have been using for a couple years and will have to go back to using that for now. It holds my battery, cable, wallet, keys and a snack, but kind of bulges at the sides. This new pouch would have been great for all that stuff.
Reviewed on July 13, 2023
We got this for my son, so he could not worry about his phone falling out of his pocket and he can see directions or if we text him. The pouch comes in handy for anything else that you keep in your pocket. You can still use the touchscreen on your phone when it’s in the pouch, which is great. It’s strong material and great quality! The Velcro is a little long in places, but that makes it more universal and you could always trim it. We just wrap it around, so we have the option to use it on a different bike. We would purchase this again!
Reviewed on June 23, 2023
I was hesitant to get this as I have the iPhone 14 Pro Max with my Otterbox Defender Series Pro XT case. When I got this Cycling Pouch, I was able to fit my iPhone in it!! I was also able to confirm that the touch screen works great, but the Face ID would not work so I just use the Pin. I think that because the phone just barely fit in the pouch and it may have covered the front camera. I was pleased that I could put in my wallet and keys so I don't have to use them on my shorts. I think that the zippers are water resistant will keep water in the pouch, but I can't confirm this yet. There is a water proof "bag", but it barely covers the zipper and not the whole pouch (a very minimal thing). Otherwise I'm very glad that I got this and I would recommend to all!
Reviewed on July 19, 2023
In use for 3 weeks. Plenty of capacity for typical tools, tube, and other essentials. It does accommodate larger phones. When in use, it's profile on the top tube/head tube is large and can slightly interfere with a 'knee-in' type of peddle stroke, particularly when up and out of the saddle. Would suggest to the manufacturer to develop a thinner profile option, same/similar length and depth, to eliminate the occasional knee rub as described above. Solid 4 stars.
Reviewed on July 31, 2023
My son rides, his mountain bike on trails in the woods. He loves this storage unit. It keeps his phone protected very well it’s waterproof and still easy to access your phone. There is a storage unit underneath to put other things in.
Reviewed on July 31, 2023
Fantastic a must to have sits right in front of you and you can use it while it’s inside of the case the phone that is somebody’s calling you and you can see that they’re calling so you don’t miss any calls
Reviewed on July 28, 2023
Things falls out of this due to the placement of the opening. It would be better to have the solid party on the bottom to avoid losing items. Waterproof and easy to use. Overall a great product for the cost